Feel free to use our template documents to ensure there are no costly border delays; whether you are exporting to the U.S.A or importing to Canada paperwork is a vital part of any trans-border shipment.  
  Some important things to keep in mind when shipping your freight:  
  • An after-hours number should be available to F1 dispatch should a problem arise with your shipment during times outside of your regular business hours (i.e. border delays, customs inspection)
  • Anything crossing the border requires a value of goods, even if it is simply for customs purposes
  • Accurate information for pick up and delivery locations should be confirmed to avoid costly redelivery charges with up-to-date phone numbers for shippers and receivers
  • Customs Broker account information on all trans-border shipments
Shipping Forms:
Blank Bill of Lading
Credit Application 
(Credit App PDF)
Shipping to U.S.A.:
U.S. Customs Invoice
(US Customs PDF)
Blank NAFTA Certificate
Shipping to Canada:
Canada Customs Invoice
(Canada Customs PDF)
Blank Certificate of Origin
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